You're Outta This World, Outer Space SVG, Girl Astronaught SVG, Rocket Ship SVG, Planets and Moon SVG

You’re Outta This World!

If you’ve read my previous post, you’d have seen that the inspiration I had over the weekend was on overload! I loved it – the only trouble I have sometimes is that I don’t want to sit for too long. So during my creating time, I actually took a ton of breaks. So each SVG graphic I’ll post over the next week came in its own little computer session. Like this one, in particular. I was busy churning out some Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day SVGs when the desire to create a little moon, astronauts and rocket ship took over me! I love this set – I think it’s so fun and cute and it not only would be adorable on Valentine’s Day crafts, but would also work year round for general Space Crafts.

This vector Outer Space SVG bundle is available for purchase as an Instant Download for Cricut & Silhouette Machines, or Clip Art. Available in DXF, EPS, PNG, PDF & SVG. Grab this file from Etsy

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