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Crafting Heartfelt Memories on Valentines Day

I have the fondest of memories when it comes to Valentine's Day as a child. It was one of the most magical day of the year for me in school. The idea that we got to devote several hours to crafting the perfect paper bag with cut-out hearts and crayon markings only for it to be filled with beautiful and colourful gift cards from your classmates was so exciting for me.

The crafter in me has been around for a long time, my friends. But my crafting experiences back then were limited to the creation of my “Valentine Mailbox”. But I also loved tearing the perforated edges from the store-bought cards adorned with the figures and heroes I admired and signing my name to each card.

Now, as a parent of two teenagers, my classroom Valentine days are, sadly, over. The worst part for me, is that I had no idea that crafting like this was available when my kids were small. I got my Cricut when my youngest was approaching the age of it no longer being cool to give cards out to classmates. 

The good thing is that you've stumbled over here on my part of the internet and have all these adorable options to make Valentines for your children's classes from the convenience of your own home! Like, for example, these super cute Girl Dinosaur Cards.

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