5 Last-Minute DIY Valentine Gift Ideas to Make With Your Cricut

5 Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Make with Your Cricut

We’ve all been there – that moment when a particular day creeps up on the calendar, and our busy day-to-day routines leave us utterly unprepared to present a gift to that special someone. The great news for you is that you have a Cricut (and hopefully a bunch of supplies too!). I’ve put together a concise list of five fantastic gift ideas that you can craft with your Cricut, especially handy for those moments when the Valentine’s Day sections in stores are bare (trust me, it happened to me just yesterday!) or when the occasion slipped your mind entirely.

1. Coupon Book

This craft is great because you don’t need to have many supplies on hand as you will only require some paper and staples. You can easily design your own using Canva or find designs available on Etsy or other online digital SVG shops.

2. Chocolate Boxes / Holders

So all of the Heart Shaped boxes of chocolates are gone from the shelves, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t give your special person their favourite candy! Using your Cricut you can make your own boxes or super cute Valentine Bear chocolate holders that will make your partner swoon. They’re easy to make and they’ll appreciate the extra effort.

3. Money Cards

We all know that cash is king (even in this digital world we’re living in!) and who doesn’t love money? A super easy way to give your partner something they’ll REALLY appreciate is to hand them an adorable money card like these ones. Side note: my Mini Money Card designs don’t require you to have a plastic lip balm pouch on hand.

4. Personalized Menu & Decorations

Whether you have the cooking skills of Chef Ramsey or Skip the Dishes on speed-dial, your partner will appreciate the fact that you thought to prepare (or pay for) a special dinner for them. Using your Cricut, you can create a menu with what you plan to make or order and decorate your dining area with a Valentine or Heart-Themed bunting banner.

5. Personalized Gifts

Depending on what materials you have available, using your Cricut, you can create personalized photo frame mats, monogram key-chains, a special Libbey mug, etc. Look around your crafting area to see what you could turn into something that your partner will love, pair it with some vinyl and voila.

I trust that some of these ideas will come in handy!
Happy Crafting!

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